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How many times where you in doubt when sending and receiving money between the US and Brazil? How do I fill out the forms? What are the best rates? How do I pay taxes? Will I be double-taxed? Can I do it from any bank?
Increasingly, Brazil has been an important US economic partner. Many Brazilians live, invest, buy properties and open businesses in the US, paving the way for many opportunities. If you do business with Brazil, you know that foreign exchange transactions are important and a strategic part of this process, but it is important to do everything within the boundaries of the law, with clarity and safety.


Why is Advanced better than a commercial bank or an online currency exchange company?

Banks are not experts in currency exchange. They make infinite transactions and, in most cases, do not have the knowledge or the time to advise you on the details of the foreign exchange market, or tax rules. Many times they cannot even help you filling out the foreign bank account forms and information.
In the case of online currency exchange companies, they work very well for the quick remittance of small amounts. But when you need to send large sums, or need more frequent transactions, dedicated assistance makes all the difference.

If you need to send resources abroad for acquisition of properties, cash transfers, various obligations and investments payments, rely on our international transfer service:

Market monitoring and best exchange rates;
Experts in the obligations with the Brazilian Central Bank (ROF, IED, CBE, etc.), and Receita Federal (SISCOSERV);
Exclusive customer service with direct access to our Exchange Department;
Advanced Corretora, in Brazil, is a Financial Institution authorized by the Brazilian Central Bank.